Hello dear visitor! My name is Jack(Yan Cui), a Chinese Website Developer based in Auckland,New Zealand. The websnake shows some of my client-side development assignment at Natcoll,and some recent projects.

About Me:
Before year 2005 I was involved into computing support. In 2006 while surfing the Internet I asked my IT firend:" What is behind the website?" He showed me the source code,and then I fell in love with the web.

At the time I taught myself. I scoured the internet for any and all tutorials on HTML/XHTML,css, Flash, and Photoshop.I spent most of my free time during off work designing mock templates for websites, and each time I got a better understanding for the theory of design and the structure and beauty of code.

In year 2010,I decided to study at Natcoll Design Technology where I could become more professional in web industry. Please take your time and have a look around my works.

About My Partner:
Beibei Yuan is a very passionate and successful interior designer. She has spent two years studying at Design and Arts College in ChristChurch since 2004. At the end the course,She was the winner of David Shaw Sofa design.

Beibei Yuan has worked in a Kitchen company for more than four years already. Now she is a very professional interior designer. In 2009, she took part in the NKBA kitchen competition, and won the Creative Excellence Award. She also is a very good color consultant.